Saturday, October 1, 2011

So in one of those “Welcome to New York!” moments, we popped out of the Astor Place subway station (the 6 line, downtown from Grand Central), next to a crowd of chanting, sign-waving, and generally admirable looking people, many of the female persuasion, constituting (as I found out after I got home) the New York Slutwalk 2011:

Slutwalk NYC: Union Square

(Click through to flickr for a whole photoset not taken by or containing any of us, but of some of the same people that we saw. The mobile poledancer bringing up the rear of the march is not pictured.)

We discovered that we needed to go against the flow of the march to get to Shimkin Hall & the Jeffrey S. Gould Welcome Center, so we slipped along on the non-march side of the line of watching police officers, up 8th Avenue (“Consent is Sexy! No Means No!”), smiled at the mobile pole dancer, and turned south onto Broadway.

Turns out that if you go to the NYU Undergraduate Admissions Visit page, and it says that all of the tours for the day that you’re planning to go down are full up, you can just show up anyway, and they will with no fuss at all sign you up on the spot, and you can listen to the Admissions Officer person talk, and ask questions and listen to other people ask questions, and then go on an hour tour of the campus (which is mostly all around Washington Square Park there) with a Genuine Student, who will show you a Genuine Dorm and classroom and an enormous library and some other stuff, and (at least in our case) you’ll only be rained on a little.

So that was a good time.

(And NYU is very large. Not to mention pricey!)

Then since we hadn’t done any research in advance and I couldn’t find an open WiFi hotspot that would talk to my iPad, we didn’t manage to find an actual Dim Sum place that wasn’t occupied by a private party or not open at the time, but we ate at Kens Asian Taste, which was basically empty because it was too late I think for Dim Sum (“No more dimsum!”), and too early for most people having dinner, and the food was good, and it was nice to be sitting down and eating and out of the rain.

And on the way back to Grand Central (note: the 6 train uptown seems to be missing at various stations, including Canal Street; but you can take the N or Q or whatever that is uptown from Canal Street to Times Square, and take the S shuttle to Grand Central from there) we stopped at the Tai Pan Bakery (which was fun and bustling and chaotic and everyone but us spoke Cantonese) and got little Egg Custards for the train, and some Pork Buns for breakfast tomorrow (probably).

And now we are home!



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