HTML5 does graphics

(Did you mean “ceylon”?)

So whenever there’s a new platform or language or framework I want to learn, and it can like draw pixel-at-a-time pictures, I write a little one-dimensional cellular automaton program for it. (The Java-applet one used to be on my work homepage, but that was apparently at least one iteration of the work homepage ago, and it’s not there anymore. Wonder what I did with that…)

I heard the other day / week / month that HTML5 had drawing stuff in it (never did do one in SVG for some reason, maybe I still should), and so I did that: here it is over on david chess dot com (I don’t think WordPress lets me write all that JavaScript, or embed it here via an iFrame or anything, so there is just a teaser image on this page here).

I am veeeeeery sleepy and not up to explaining cellular automata or meta-rules or the serendipitous exploration of logical spaces, or what the buttons actually do, or anything. I wrote down some words on the page that probably say some things.

Also you can read the source code. :D Or just click on various things…


2 Comments to “HTML5 does graphics”

  1. Lots of good stuff in HTML5, remains to be seen how quickly one can feel comfortable with using it for “production”. I work a fair number of “customer” sites and get complaints every time I try to sneak in some 5. I’m hoping that it DOES catch on quickly, though, because it’ll greatly simplify coding for mobile web…

    Note that it’s easy enough to add a raw HTML plug-in for WordPress if you’ve got it on a server you can update (I like “raw HTML snippets” — ).

    • Thanks! Yeah, I just use the utterly-free WordPress hosted on wordpress dot com, because I am lazy. :) It doesn’t allow very much, for the obvious reasons…


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