The D’Lish Dish

I stopped on a whim today, between the post office and the UPS store, because there was a food truck that I didn’t remember seeing before, parked at the bottom of the big park / soccer field / walking track / gathering place in town (at the other end of which is the town stage where the little girl’s ballet performances used to be, back in Ancient Times). In the summer there’s an ice cream truck that parks up closer to the other end, by the little pavilion, but today there was a food truck down at this end. And the sign looked interesting, and I’d told myself I would treat myself to something novel and lunch-like while I was out doing errands.

So it was perfect.

And it was a great surprise. :) Not just a hot dogs and “do you want sauerkraut or onions on that” and soda truck, although that would have been enough for me, but instead it was Sharion’s D’Lish Dish, and I expect that was Sharion herself telling me what they had and asking if I wanted lettuce and tomato, and saying that it would take awhile because everything was made fresh. And she was most definitely right there behind her eyes, as you’d expect from her story of herself there.

And the BBQ’d Beef Sandwich (with lettuce and tomato, and cheese, and waffle-cut fries with ketchup and a pickle slice on the side) was very very fresh, and extremely delicious, and worth every minute spent leaning on the metal stair-railing, listening to passing cars and to Sharion’s little gasoline generator chuffing to itself, and watching people walking and jogging and wheeling baby carriages by on the track, and feeling the sun and the wind, and closing my eyes and half-dozing standing there.

Every minute.

2 Comments to “The D’Lish Dish”

  1. The nearest restaurants will probably gang up to have her run-off from there. Here in the Keys a number of new food trucks have tried setting up in both public and private parking lots and some have done pretty well — until the “property-tax paying” restaurant owners convinced the Commission to limit how long they could stay in any one location and thus greatly reduced their profit motive. Food industry is cut-throat.

    But DAMN does that pulled chicken look good!


    • I hope the environment in town isn’t that cut-throat, but you never know. :) From the newpaper clippings on the website, it looks like she’s been there for at least a year or two at least…



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