More of the Mystery Spam!

Another missive in the style of the previously-noted; we suspect also from Tony Shin’s Secret Ninja Army.

Subject: A resource on Elon Musk

Hi David,

My name is Katherine and I came across while searching for references and mentioning of space related issues. I work with a team of designers and researchers and together we built a graphic that highlights Elon Musk, the real life Iron Man.

If this is the correct email and you’re interested in using the content, I’d be happy to share it with you. :)


– Katherine Long

Like the original two, this is sent via a spamming service, in this case “ezmailhosting dot com”, forged to appear to be from a gmail address.

Random Web searching finds no obvious connection between a Katherine Long and our Tony Shin, but does turn up one 2010 article from the Seattle Times, written by a Katherine Long (Seattle Times Eastside Reporter) about electric cars, including mention of Elon Musk’s Tesla. Entirely possible that that’s just a “too much information and a common name” coincidence.

No obvious connection between a Katherine Long and a Jen R, either.

(Oddly, Google insists that this meetup page about a Katherine Long also includes the phrase “New York Data Visualization and Infographics”, but it doesn’t for me. Silly Web.)

Perhaps I should write her, too, although I have no interest whatever in a “graphic” about Elon Musk. And Jen never wrote me back…

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