Dingbat, the singing cat

Dingbat, the singin’ cat
He sung so high
But he was flat…

At least that’s how I remember Dad singing it. I remember him singing various things randomly.

(It turns out that “Dingbat the Singing Cat” was an actual thing, and actually sung to roughly the tune of Peter and the Wolf, although Dad and/or my memory seem to have transformed the words some. I didn’t realize that until I looked it up on the Interwebz just now.)

There was also

Be kind to your friends in the swamp,
For that duck may be somebody’s mother.

which I find is also an actual thing, again with perhaps slightly different words (I think I like ours better).

Mom was very partial to the “Let’s take a kayak to Juneau or Nyack” line from “Let’s Get Away From It All”. Although the line is actually “Quincy or Nyack”, and once again I don’t know if the “Juneau” version is Mom’s doing or mine.

Where’s Quincy, anyway, and why would one take a kayak there in particular?

But Mom was very fond of Nyack, which was just down Route 59 not too far, and had nice craft shops and art and stuff. Still does in fact! Although now it’s across the river, rather than just down Route 59. But still not too far!

I also remember the first few notes of Peter and the Wolf being used as the tune by which to sing “hey, ho, the radio!”, but I don’t know if that’s something Dad made up or got from some old comedy song (he loved Spike Jones, and I still do), or something that I made up or imagined.

Perhaps due to having enhanced my usual driving coffee with a Dunkin’ Donut or two (and those little shops are all the heck over the path from here to Boston and back!), I was apparently bouncing up and down and singing loud nonsense songs rather more than usual as we drove up that way this weekend for a (very successful and also triumphant) trip to apartment-hunt for the little boy.

And given that today is father’s day, I think that’s extremely appropriate. :)

Thanks, Dad!


6 Comments to “Dingbat, the singing cat”

  1. Hey David! There is a Quincy just south of Boston. But they pronounce it QUINzee here.

  2. Regarding the web-footed friends, those of us a few years your elder remember watching Sing Along With Mitch when we were tiny tots, which always finished with this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZ5GwzvkN-k&t=8m20s

  3. Dingbat, the singing cat, he was so cute but he sang flat, oh my he’d meow and meow ’til the break of day; Each night beneath the moon, the cat would croon so out of tune, oh my he’d meow and meow ’til the break of day! People screamed ’cause he meowed, they couldn’t sleep, he sang so loud, someone hit him with a great big shoe, right in the middle of his “I love you”! Oh, Dingbat the singing cat, he disappeared and that was that, and now folks can sleep, sleep and sleep ’til the break of day! Meow! Meow! Meow ’til the break of day!

  4. Good old memories of happy days. Does anyone know the name of the song that begins with the words ” Push me just a little bit higher, Obediah do. ?


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