Health Tip O’ The Day

If the expiration date on a product is more than five years in the past, you should seriously consider not ingesting it.

… even if your SO would make that cute eyerolling face if you did.

… even if the product is Pepsi, which one would ordinarily assume to be an unchanging mix of industrial chemicals incapable of supporting, for instance, microbial life.

Well, live and learn.

Fortunately, we have effective and inexpensive broad-spectrum antibiotics nowadays, and I am nearly capable of eating solid food again.

Also fortunately, this all occurred after we had power and even internet back.

(But unfortunately, I am now helping breed future generations of antibiotic-resistant Pepsi-hosted bacteria. So the health tip above becomes even more important!)

In other news, that whole Election thing turned out mostly okay. In case you were still wondering…


5 Comments to “Health Tip O’ The Day”

  1. *laughing and laughing* which is why *I* drink Coke.

  2. I agree because you could be setting your insides up for failure by possibly getting very sick!


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