Salon covers the Mystery Infographics!

Just a quick jubilant note to say that Andrew Leonard at Salon has up a piece on the mysterious Tony Shin / QuinStreet infographic spams that we have covered lovingly in the past.

And apparently there was another piece the other day about the “request for link removal” things that I also talked about recently.

And I’m sure when I have a chance to read them, they will be interesting!

Here is a picture of a bird eating a fish or something:


Update: zomg the Salon piece actually links to us. W00t!

5 Responses to “Salon covers the Mystery Infographics!”

  1. Hey, I’ve blogged about these infographics, too. The “link removal request” I got yesterday made me laugh out loud!

    Read more here:



    • Thanks for the comment and link! I do wonder about these removal requests; what is it about us linking to them that they think will get them in trouble? The mysteries of SEO!


      • I think Google has gotten better at discovering their SEO tactics and countering them. Thus they’re trying to pare down bogus links to their site(s). I’m certainly not going to assist them in cleaning up their dishonesty by removing my links!



      • Interesting point. So SEO squads will start attacking their competitors by putting up lots of dubious links to them! :)




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