NaPoWriMo 3


There are lions in the closets,
there are demons in the halls;
there are lemurs in the fax machine,
and goblins in the walls.

There are Shuggoths holding meetings
in the third-floor conference rooms,
and the lobby’s full of cherubs
holding helium balloons.

While we know it isn’t normal,
and I do fear being et,
still the change is quite refreshing,
and no one’s been fired yet.


9 Comments to “NaPoWriMo 3”

  1. What an exciting workplace!

  2. That was fun! Probably the last line could be fixed on two counts.

    • Or you could just let it go and hope for the best, which probably is the idea…

      • Yeah, the last line was the hardest and eventually I shrugged. :) “But it sure beats __ __ et!” was a candidate for awhile, but no __ __ was forthcoming (sure beats Calumet? sure beats sludgy bet?).

        Oh, but I will fix the typo. :)

  3. “You Will Live In Interesting Times”

  4. Love this! Every. Little. Bit. of it! Yay!


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