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It Begins (NaNoWriMo 2021)

Here it is November already!

And I’ve started writing the 2021 novel.

It’s based (so far anyway, and I’m a couple of thousand words in, so proooobably it’ll stay that way) on the tiny Snack Bar Only snippet that I wrote years and years ago (and still rather like).

The working title is the same, the basic premise is the same, the viewpoint is slightly different (third-person-mostly-limited rather than first person), and I’m sure the voice is different also, to an extent, given the years in between and so on.

For those just joining us or needing a refresher, this weblog entry from last year summarizes my prior National Novel Writing Month activities. The 2020 novel came out quite nicely, I thought, and I am vaguely optimistic about this year. I have a few things in my head that I plan to have happen in the story already, so I’ll have something to start on tomorrow (unless I get antsy tonight and write more and use up the things).

It looks like no longer offers custom URL endings for free accounts, so I don’t be able to make a fancy URL like the that I had last year. (Why isn’t everything that I want, free?)

So I will just give the extremely long link this way. :)

And apparently that’s all I’m going to say here at the moment. Exciting to be starting yet another of these endeavors; now back to the novel! Or not!