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Chugging along!

I wrote well over two thousand words each of the first three days of the month, somehow.

Then I slacked off a bit on Thursday the fourth (still above the 1,666 minimum, though), basically took the day off on Friday, and then did an easy two-thousand-plus again today.

So we’re currently at like 16,247 words, which would be good progress for day after tomorrow. So woot!

I don’t really know why it’s going so well. I haven’t been talking to or otherwise using any of the GPT-style AIs recently, for reasons related to the novel, or even at all. (My vague impression is that after the initial quite a long time of amazement and playing around, one has become quite aware of their abilities and especially their limitations, and there aren’t really any surprises anymore. I should probably look and see how many I’m paying some monthly subscription to, in fact, and see if there aren’t a few too many.)

It’s true that the basic premise has been floating around in my head for years, but that was probably not much more than a thousand words of content. The narrator’s style is wordy and somewhat repetitive (or just thorough!), which may help.

But basically the ideas and places and events just kept flowing!

We’ll see if that continues. :)