Welcome to Yeni Cavan

Welcome to Yeni Cavan; The Shade
Yeni Cavan, called The Shade.
A city, a maze, a warren, a million lights in the smog.
Yeni Cavan; street scene I
Always happy to help a newcomer.
Yeni Cavan; street scene II
Y’can trust me, for sure.
Detailed steampunk cyberpunk noir
Avoid the caps and capes, just sayin’.
Detailed steampunk cyberpunk noir
A fine choice, y’won’t regret it.
Detailed steampunk cyberpunk noir gunfight
Across the square, left at the red alley.
Look confident.
Yeni Cavan street dancers
Street dancers
Dancers in midair
and midair dancers
Orbis and Kline, Hostelers
Happy to get to our hotel.
Fine Dining in Yeni Cavan
Fine Dining
Standard Equipment
One is provided free in every room.
Rental Car
Yeni Cavan rental car
The Dashboard
User Interface Design
Lovers in The Shade
So close that they share
a single endocrine system.
The fabled Manufactory
Detailed steampunk cyberpunk noir skyline
It’s always twilight here.

6 Responses to “Welcome to Yeni Cavan”

  1. So….when are you writing the illustrated novel?

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