Travel Posters from Nowhere

One from each of the realms / prompt-prefixes that we’ve been playing with.

The NightCafe “Creative” engine (VQGAN+CLIP) is pretty darn good at posters, as long as you don’t mind the text being illegible.

Yeni Cavan Travel Poster #yenicavan
Yeni Cavan
Cogspin Travel Poster #cogspin
Neocine City Travel Poster  #neocine
Neocine City
Miller's Bend Travel Poster #millersbend
Miller’s Bend
Kranija Travel Poster #kranija
Technopolitan Travel Poster  #technopolitan
Travel Poster  #nightlife
Night Life
Travel Poster #moebius
In the Style of Moebius
Le Monde Moderne: Travel Poster #mondemoderne
Le Monde Moderne
dark neon alien city; Travel Poster
Dark Alien City

That last one is a new prefix that I was just playing with a little. But it made a good travel poster for it!

I will probably (or perhaps) write more words about all of this stuff that the AI is making; but at the moment I’m just wallowing in all of the imaginary pictures…

2 Responses to “Travel Posters from Nowhere”

  1. I can see why you are so fascinated…Many of these are no longer unsettling and some like Miller’s Band are just charming!

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