The Adventures of Hugo and the Lamb

A comic strip from NightCafe. In a variety of styles.

Episode 1: We meet Hugo, and the Lamb
Episode 2: At the Bridge
Episode 3: A twist!
Episode 4: The Sign
Episode 5: Return to the Source
Episode 6: The Lamb Considers
Episode 7: The Puzzle
Episode 8: A Dark Turn
Episode 9: The Nightmare
Episode 10: The Baker You Meet In Heaven
Episode 11: Resolution
Episode 12: Returning Home

Special bonus content: Coming This Summer, Hugo and the Lamb, the Motion Picture!

Publicity Still

5 Responses to “The Adventures of Hugo and the Lamb”

  1. Wow!! Look what lengths your crazy mind and a willing Al Artist can go to!! The comic strip and soon…The Movie!! I love great flights of imagination and the two of you are something else! I think in strip 4…the lamb might have eaten Hugo…just saying…:)

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  2. I’m a great fan! I recognise your “style”. Interestingly, I follow those who do not hide their prompts for my own educational purposes. But as I scroll down on the Explore button in Night Cafe, I recognise many people by the style before I check the name of the creator, Sometimes the “style” is in the creation title, the depth of the thought, the devotion to making aa series. It’s a weird thing that some people are more talented than others! I enjoy your Night Cafe posts.

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    • Thanks much! Yeah, I really appreciate it when people don’t hide their prompts. And it’s very interesting how, even though most of the work is done by the AI, different people do produce very different images. Glad to hear you are enjoying the posts!

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