Ink on Paper

I am having Various Thoughts about what these mean for the nature of creativity, the relationship between the artist and the viewer, and all like that. Whoosh!

(The US copyright office just ruled that an AI can’t hold copyright in stuff; but we humans probably still can, as long as we don’t make too big a deal about how the AI really did all the work, heh heh.)

An Old Riverboat
Lights Along The River
Thoughts of the Land
Thoughts of the Country
Thoughts of the Past
Reaching High
Deep Earth
The Marketplace (with shopping carts!)
Quiet Valley; Birds Resting

A few bonus smaller ones:

The Cathedral
Stone Pillars
Signs and Omens

And finally a travel poster (not that we want too many tourists!).

Quiet Valley; Travel Poster

There are more, of course. A few more that I’ve already made (found? discovered? elicited?), many more that I will soon, and an unthinkably huge number that exist potentially, just keystrokes and a few minutes away, the vast majority of which no one will ever see. I don’t have a way to relate to this, mentally! How do I imagine, conceptualize, this huge collection, and this tiny subset of it that I have seen, that anyone will ever see?

2 Comments to “Ink on Paper”

  1. Amazing..sometimes looking like primitive art (the island ones with no perspective) sometimes looking very AI..”Flight”? :) and one face that is truly amazing on Thoughts of The Past..In any case these are always entertaining to see…Some are like the next step up in Rorschach.:)

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