So I started a personal website a really long time ago (ancient history), and not long after started a weblog, which I kept up pretty regularly, doing hand-edited HTML and ftp-uploaded files for like ten years (which is thirteen thousand four hundred and fifty-six web-years).

Then I sort of got too busy with other things to hand-edit HTML, or something, and sort of stopped posting to that, although I kept posting to the secret Second Life weblog, hosted on wordpress; and Twitter and for awhile Plurk and Flickr and all sortsa other XXIst Century stuffs. And I kept talking, when I did post to the weblog every few aeons, about maybe trying a wordpressy thing for the main weblog, too.

And here we are ’cause I finally did it!

More generally, this (for weblog-sized values of “this”) is here because I like the sound of my own voice (so to speak), and it always feels nice to have a place to talk, i.e. to write, and to let the part of me that enjoys writing in places like this to type and type, to record things that I can then go back and read years (or months or hours or minutes) later, and that even other people (viewers like you!) can read, and send me comments on, and talk to each other and make new ideas and stuff.

And for very large values of “this”, this is here because this is what you get if you get things very very very very hot, and then let them cool down very very very very slowly.


The curvature of the Earth

It’s overwhelmed by local noise.

5 Responses to “About”

  1. I wasn’t really sure where to write this, as it seemed off-topic for the most recent entry, but I found your previous weblog through googling Sims 2 stuff back in the day, and then got to reading all your entries about that and World of Warcraft. Just wanted to say I’m glad to see you’re still active on the ‘net, and that if you were still interested in the Sims (or just wanting a free game, because who can’t say no to a free game?), there was a deal going on through EA’s Origin client that you could get the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection for free. :) It was every expansion and stuff pack ever made in that time period of the Sims 2, and you can get it by opening the client, clicking on the game tab through the Origin menu, and when you click “Redeem Product Code”, you put in “I-LOVE-THE-SIMS”, sans quotations. Hopefully if you see this, there will be more of the Raptors, Zooms, and Danvers! Have a good day!

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    • Haha, wild! This sounds like one of those elaborate scams, doesn’t it? But looks like it’s true! I am downloading the entire Ultimate Collection now. I will have to dig up my Sims 2 “Neighborhood One” files; I wonder what part of what ancient hard drive they are on…

      Thanks much for the tip!

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      • You’re welcome! I hope you enjoy it!

        I was expecting it to be a scam when the first mentionings of it showed up on my dashboard last week, but lo and behold, it was legit. :) It’s only until the end of this month, however, so I’m glad you were able to get it.

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