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Stuff Which I Do

I write poems! Very rarely! Except lately. I am telling myself maybe I will make a PDF book of those 30. Maybe even make an eBook out of them! Get an ISBN number! Put it on Amazon! But probably I will be too distracted. :)

I do Second Life! Which is to say, I build things and write scripts and go listen to live music and poetry, and dance and fly and explore and decorate and just sort of lie about. I even have a whole nother (secret) weblog about this activity. I think virtual worlds are likely to eventually become Extremely Significant, but until then and even if not, they are (Second Life is) incredibly fun.

I do World of Warcraft. My main is Spennix (some flickr pictures, web profile), a gnome rogue, currently level 90, ilevel 477, working vaguely on Isle of Thunder dailies and various achievements and pickup raids and stuff, but mostly just sitting around feeling heroic. :) See also Spennatrix, my Night Elf Priest healer, and Spaenorus the spacegoat Paladin Tank, both still leveling when I get around to it, which isn’t all that often. And a bunch of other characters that get played even less often.

I play WoW when I am feeling too antisocial to go into SL, generally. :)

I read books! And I used to occasionally write them up for my website or Amazon. I don’t do that very much anymore ’cause of all the other things I do. Also I think the homegrown Content Management System behind the former is broken. Amazon still works, though!

Some of the books that I read now are on my iPad. And I think I don’t read as many as I used to; I don’t have much patience with things that aren’t interactive. Still love them, though.

I play Real Racing 3. Vroom vroom! It is fun! I have like 9 or 10 cars now!

I no longer play (what was that called?) Eternity Warriors 2, because it got boring. And also wanted me to spend money all the time, as previously noted.

I no longer play Diablo III either. I’d forgotten entirely about it, actually, until I started writing this here weblog entry describing stuff which I do.

I make system software for supercomputers! Or I lead a team that does that. Not the inside parts that make the computers super, so much, as the outside parts that adjust the cooling flow and make sure that they don’t blow the circuit breakers, and dispatches the jobs in the right order. Still, it’s interesting. And I get to program (sometimes). And I get paid for it!

I write novels! In a month! Or at least I have a few times. The last time I tried I sort of tailed off and didn’t finish. Some of the earlier ones I like quite a bit though!

I bake bread, again not often enough. Let’s see, here’s a recipe. You can make that, too!

I sit. Sit in order to liberate all creatures, while realizing that there is no liberation and no creatures. Sit zazen. Maybe even shikantaza. Or just sitting.

I hike. Ha ha, no I don’t! Too busy typing on keyboards. But I did, now and then, years ago. And it’s still part of my self-image. Which is interesting. But I should really do it again sometime. Up Turkey Mountain, or down in the Glens.

I watch old Buffy episodes! Although since I’ve just ended Season 5, so Buffy is dead at the moment, and although I am sort of looking forward to seeing Dark Willow, Season 6 sounds kind of intense, so I’m not doing that at the moment.

I watch old Firefly episodes! Although since there are so few of them I’m doing it very slowly, so as not to run out. Firefly is very cool.

I watch old Babylon 5 episodes! Haha I’d forgotten all about this one, too. I have these on DVD (Buffy and Firefly are on Netflix streaming). I’ve watched up to, let’s see, Season 4 Episode 8 or so, when the Big Cosmic War Question has been revealed and resolved by Sheridan telling all the Big Cosmic Forces to bugger off, and now it’s going to be more about mere human politics, so I sort of stopped there and haven’t watched the next one for probably years now. How the time speeds by!

I sort mail. Lots of mail! Gad, look at all this mail! Piles of paper publications that want me to read them (I need to figure out how to transform at least the New York Times Book Review to iPad form; then I might get around to reading through it now and then). Piles of appeals for money (one year we organized them all and picked a set to give a certain amount to every month and resolved to throw all the rest away instantly, and then never actually did that, mostly my fault). Piles of ads and coupons and catalogs and things (and that’s after immediately recycling 90% of them). And then piles of “other” and strange things and things that I ought to do something about, someday, maybe.

Thanks to M for taking care of the actual bills that come in the mail. :)

What else do I do? I often have a bagel for breakfast. I try to go to the gym and pretend to walk or bicycle, and lift heavy things, about three times a week, and sometimes actually do that. I sleep! Not enough. I like sleeping! But I like other things too. I eat all sorts of things; chocolate is good. I take various medicines in the morning, including an SNRI, a multivitamin, fish oil, Crestor (although I suspect it’s evil) and something or other else. Often at work I go down to the little “Grab and Go” or whatever it’s called next to the real cafeteria, and bring food back to my office to eat while working (and work while eating).

Anyway, that’s what I recall tonight! :) Now for some of the sleeping stuff…