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Four thirteen-year-olds

That’s how old I am today! Doesn’t sound very old at all when you put it that way, eh? As old as four thirteen-year-olds: I think I can deal with that. :)

(Do those boys up there look thirteen at all? I’m terrible judging people’s ages. And of course by now they’re probably all considerably older than thirteen. That was perhaps not the most youth-reminding picture I could have chosen offa the Interwebs, now that I think of it…)

Of course it is also National Wear a Tea Cozy on Your Head Day, so I am like those people born on December 25th or whatever, and have to share my celebrations with the NWATCOYHD festivities. But it mostly works out okay.

For my Deck of Cards Birthday, I took the day off (except for a couple of hours doing email and a customer call from home), and went out to The Diner for lunch with M, and she got me a replacement for my Keurig coffee machine (it started leaking water all over the place, and I ‘descaled’ it with vinegar to see if that would help, and now it leaks water all over the place and also makes coffee that tastes like vinegar, which is really quite bad; but now I have a new one!).

Oh, and a nice chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting mmmmm.

Lots of people are wishing me Happy Birthday via Facebook and other evil social media; including at least a couple people that I’m not sure I actually know, and various people that are not actually people but rather just computer programs (I think IMVU, which I think I visited once, and LinkedIn or something, and maybe Plaxo, and one or two random phpbbses that I apparently slipped and gave my right dates to).

What’s the point of having computer programs send people “Happy Birthday!” messages automatically, anyway? Does anyone enjoy getting those, or find them anything but annoying? I mean…

So anyway! Four thirteen-year-olds! How youthful! How full of potential!

Maybe this picture is more appropriately uplifting…