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Hey, Bro,
Don’t you know?
As above, so below.
— Johnny Dee and the Alchemists

One advantage of getting into a smallish airport late at night is that even though you signed up for the usual compact/subcompact, and you’re presumably paying that rate, sometimes all that they have left at midnight is a snazzy white Mustang with Sirius Satellite Radio!

Boo and also Ya!

On the other hand as far as I can tell it drives just like every other car I’ve ever rented, and Sirius Satellite Radio is less interesting than local FM stations down near the bottom of the dial.

But still… :)

Hm, no calculator on the iPad; what does that tell us about Consumers? I have manually calculated the tip for the nice waitress at Waffle House; highly recommended as a place for having waffles and sausage and eggs (and pie!) for dinner.