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The World Tree, and more Hugo and the Lamb

We made this World Tree series in NightCafe by appending things to “Concept art, pencil sketch, sepia tone”, starting with “Surprised by Joy”:

Surprised by Joy

Kind of adorable, eh? Might be a tardigrade.

Then for some reason we took it to The World Tree:

at the base of the World Tree
Climbing the World Tree
So high in the World Tree

And then some old friends suddenly appeared! It’s Hugo and the Lamb!

Hugo and the Lamb arrive at the World Tree
Hugo and the Lamb ascend the World Tree

(I don’t think the AI has the idea that to really look like you’re up in the World Tree, there shouldn’t be anything that looks too much like the ground right there. Unsurprisingly perhaps.)

Wind in the Limbs of the World Tree
Resting High Up In The World Tree
Eyes High Up in the World Tree

And on that somewhat eerie note, the World Tree series ends (for the moment). We don’t see Hugo and the Lamb sleeping in one of the eye-shaped little nooks, or making their way back down the Tree (perhaps via parachutes or aircraft).

Back on the ground:

Those two are amusingly similar, due to having the same starting image with different seeds. I imagine that the little character on the right there comes in and says something witty or ominous.

On the Road

And across the river (surprise crossover!) they enter Hyrule:

Is Link taking care of the Lamb? Is Hugo wearing a Link costume? Was Hugo Link (or Link Hugo) all along?

So many mysteries!


The Adventures of Hugo and the Lamb

A comic strip from NightCafe. In a variety of styles.

Episode 1: We meet Hugo, and the Lamb
Episode 2: At the Bridge
Episode 3: A twist!
Episode 4: The Sign
Episode 5: Return to the Source
Episode 6: The Lamb Considers
Episode 7: The Puzzle
Episode 8: A Dark Turn
Episode 9: The Nightmare
Episode 10: The Baker You Meet In Heaven
Episode 11: Resolution
Episode 12: Returning Home

Special bonus content: Coming This Summer, Hugo and the Lamb, the Motion Picture!

Publicity Still