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Before I forget

  • As I mentioned, I did that Zen thing the other week, and it was great, and I haven’t gotten around to writing any more about it, but at least I have that unordered list.
  • One additional thing on that: what I asked Ryushin Sensei at dokusan was “Why can’t we see out of each other’s eyes?”. We had some good talking about why that is.
  • I’ve been to Greece! Rhodes, Greece, in particular. That was great also. Here is a Faceface thing where I mention it, and there are a bunch of related pictures (with some narrative, even!) in the Insta-gram (you’ll probably have to scroll down to a greater or lesser amount to encounter them, or you could maybe jump in here say). ¬†We passed through London (England) on the way out and back, also, so I have all them stamps in my passport-thing.
  • Relatedly, I have now been parasailing! It turns out to involve no skill whatever, and to be surprisingly peaceful!
  • Speaking of The Face Book, I have posted various things there!
  • I think I have decided not to do NaNoWriMo this year, but I have just discovered this wonderful thing (and also posted it to Facebook): National Novel Generation Month. Here is my statement of intent; I can definitely write a program to generate a 50,000-word novel sometime this month. What fun!
  • The Twitter is full of wild enigmatic things; one of them (Two Headlines) is done by the same person who thought up NaNoGenMo (and who does all sorts of cool stuff); another, MEDDLING HETERO FOOL aka direlog_ebooks, is just a mystery.
  • The Republican Party won lots of elections yesterday, as I (or my Second Life secret identity) predicted; here’s hoping this results in the obvious progressive victories two years from now.
  • I apparently have a Moto 360 now! It is a sort of a watch! Or a smallish watch-shaped secondary I/O device for one’s phone! I can’t think of anything much that it’s actually useful for, but that’s what I would have said about smartphones not too long ago and now I use mine all the time, so Ya Never Know.
  • And I’m sure lots of all various other stuff that I should try not to forget, but right now I am going to go off and think about automatic novel generators; be good!


Here are just two Amusing Pictures that I have lately posted to Instagram (web copy of my Instagram stream here), which are not pictures of food. One leads to a posting on the Secret Second Life Weblog, which I decided would be the right place for lots of pictures from my latest Virtual World adventures…

Those wacky pastors!

Those wacky pastors!

Okay, that one’s just silly :) but all the Cool Kids are Instagramming iThing screenshots these days, and one has to keep up.

(That’s Questionable Content in the background in the browser there; I’m still slowly reading through the entire opus, possibly more slowly than the author’s writing new ones. It’s still good!)

The other one:

The Tower of Somewhat More Than Moderate Height

The Tower of Somewhat More Than Moderate Height

That’s the Tower of Somewhat More Than Moderate Height (as you may have deduced from the caption), from my brand-newish Minecraft (Pocket Edition) world!

Read all about it over here: Dreaming of pixelated rock.