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Who Else

Who else
On this train,
I wonder,
Is also awake?

Who else is looking
Beyond the obvious
With inner eyes,
Searching for souls.

There should be a token,
A badge or a pin,
That we could wear,
We awake ones.

Do not fear me,
It would say,
And I will not
Fear you.

We can let our eyes
Meet, and smile
We can talk
Like old friends

In this sea of unknowing
We can be together
For a moment
In safety.

Maybe, if we had these pins,
For our lapels
We would find
Everyone wearing one

And finally
We would meet

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NaPoWriMo 13


My love is like a monster truck,
With giant muddy tires.
My love is like a flamethrower,
Lighting hungry fires.

My love is like a hurricane,
The wildest that ever blew.
My love, you see, is all about me;
I barely notice you.