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Super Bowl subway iconography

So here’s another funny picture from the Subways of New York.

This is on the inside of a subway car that was entirely decorated in Super Bowl related Pepsi ads (or perhaps Pepsi related Super Bowl ads, who can tell?).

Subway Icons

Now is it just me, or is that a cross and a couple of crescents?

I suppose maybe it’s a piece of a stylized slider on a stylized mixer which is part of a stylized “we are cool like DJs who use mixers” image-set or something. And some abstract bubbles with lighting effects that look like crescents.

Or something.

But it looks like a happy little gathering of religious symbols to me.

Subliminal symbols to draw the favorable attention of Christians and Muslims to the ads for fizzy sugar water and violent war games? Some artist having fun sneaking weird stuff into the campaign art?

‘Tis a puzzlement!