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More Visions of Yeni Cavan

I first found Yeni Cavan as a story and art venue, based on a bunch of words used as prompts in the pre-Stable Diffusion NightCafe, way back in February. Since then I’ve tried to find it in various other engines and things, casually and without much luck. But after playing with the engine flows and prompts and things some, here are some images from MidJourney that I rather like; sufficiently Yeni Cavanish, I’d say, although so far I miss the little random patches of bright purple neon and such. (Maybe I’ll try some of the other venues as well eventually.)

Yeni Cavan; interior room (image started in the –hd engine)
Yeni Cavan; room interior (love the comfy couch with the … circuit board? sitting on it)
Yeni Cavan; room interior (I’d like to be there yes)
Yeni Cavan; room interior (pure v3 I think)
Yeni Cavan; room interior (pure –hd I think; intricate!)
Yeni Cavan; detailed surrealism (whee!)
Yeni Cavan; adorable surreal bots
Yeni Cavan; more detailed surrealism!
Yeni Cavan; upstanding citizen
Yeni Cavan; City Waterfront

Libraries and Sunsets

Continuing our explorations of NightCafe Studio (still like 30 credits left!), we now have five (what?) microstyles based on prefixes of the prompts sent in to the engine, and imagined as five fictional places:

  • Yeni Cavan, a sort of noir steampunk / cyberpunk sprawl,
  • Cogspin, a lighter and happier steampunk region,
  • Neocine City, a bright nanotech-based cybermetropolis,
  • Miller’s Bend, a generic Old West town on a river,
  • Kranija, a dark but vivid dreamworld, perhaps somewhere in the Carpathians.

There are a few more in the offing (a fantasy video game, and a set of pencil sketches), but we’ll take these five for now.

For fun and to organize my thinking, let’s look at a library, and a sunset, from each of the areas.

Libraries first. For whatever reason “library interior” seems to work better than “library”, so I’ll mostly use that.

Yeni Cavan library #YeniCavan
Yeni Cavan Library Interior
Cogspin Library #cogspin
Cogspin library
Neocine library interior #neocine
Neocine City library
Miller's Bend Library (incl. horses) #millersbend
Miller’s Bend library (incl horses)
Kranija town library #Kranija
Kranija town library

It’s noteworthy, I think, that the Miller’s Bend library is probably quite a bit too large (and has horses wandering around inside it (and a giant hole in the roof)), as is perhaps Kranija’s, and that Neocine City’s library would likely not contain recognizable books at all; maybe something more like crystals with writhing patterns within. But the AI doesn’t really understand that stuff, it just makes what it thinks of as a normal library, in whatever artistic style the prefix suggests.

To be fair, leaving out the word “interior” in some cases produces… different things:

Bright detailed nanotech cyberpunk library
Neocine City Library

This detail of the Neocine library shows not just paper-like things, but also odd little organo-techie things, which seems appropriate.

old west detailed oil painting library
Library dream, Miller’s Bend

And this might be the actual Miller’s Bend library, a few books stacked untidily on a desk, with dreams of the open plains and also a bigger library with neat shelves, floating above. (I like this one!)

On to the five sunsets, an appropriate way to close out this post.

Yeni Cavan Sunset #yenicavan
Yeni Cavan Sunset
Cogspin Sunset #cogspin
Cogspin Sunset
Bright detailed nanotech cyberpunk sunset
Neocine City Sunset
Sunset, Miller's Bend #millersbend
Sunset, Miller’s Bend
Kranija sunset #Kranija
Kranija Sunset

I rather adore all of these…


Welcome to Yeni Cavan

Welcome to Yeni Cavan; The Shade
Yeni Cavan, called The Shade.
A city, a maze, a warren, a million lights in the smog.
Yeni Cavan; street scene I
Always happy to help a newcomer.
Yeni Cavan; street scene II
Y’can trust me, for sure.
Detailed steampunk cyberpunk noir
Avoid the caps and capes, just sayin’.
Detailed steampunk cyberpunk noir
A fine choice, y’won’t regret it.
Detailed steampunk cyberpunk noir gunfight
Across the square, left at the red alley.
Look confident.
Yeni Cavan street dancers
Street dancers
Dancers in midair
and midair dancers
Orbis and Kline, Hostelers
Happy to get to our hotel.
Fine Dining in Yeni Cavan
Fine Dining
Standard Equipment
One is provided free in every room.
Rental Car
Yeni Cavan rental car
The Dashboard
User Interface Design
Lovers in The Shade
So close that they share
a single endocrine system.
The fabled Manufactory
Detailed steampunk cyberpunk noir skyline
It’s always twilight here.